How to make more and more money by “Fiverr Affiliate Program”

Fiverr is one of the biggest freelancer platforms, and the Fiverr affiliate program is a fantastic way to earn money online.

If you work with any affiliate marketing sites, the first requirement is that you already have your website. But the Fiverr affiliate program is one of the platforms where you do not require any website or other things.

The sign-up process, program details, and advice on how to promote Fiverr for the affiliate program are all covered in this article.

Any existing Fiverr users can make more money by clicking on the “Refer a Friend” button; they can recommend friends through email or social media connections.

You will receive a 20% commission on each Fiverr purchase he makes as payment. A “Referral” is a new user who signs up for Fiverr because of your recommendation. The referrer is the term used to describe the person who directs customers to Fiverr.

If you are not already a Fiverr user, you will have to create a Fiverr affiliate account to start getting the fruitful benefits of the Fiverr affiliate program.

Here is a step-by-step process on how to sign up:

Fiverr affiliate sign-up

Only two steps are involved in the affiliate program sign-up process, which is relatively simple. 

1. enter your information in the first step and press “Next.”

2. Tell little info about yourself.

3. How do you plan to promote Fiverr?

4. Tell me about your audience’s interest.


Right now, it doesn’t matter which option you select because you won’t receive any particular promotional material based on it.

Lastly, remember to click the “Register Now” button after agreeing to the privacy terms.

Now you can log in to your new account after completing the sign-up form.

The next step is:

How to get Referral Link?

1.     Click your profile picture from the Fiverr home page after logging in. Choose “Refer & get up to $100” after that.

2.     You can invite friends to Fiverr using Gmail Contacts.

3.     Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Linkedin are also helpful. Send links to your posts via private messages, groups, or your timeline.

4.    You can also copy a unique link to the clipboard and send it as a private message invitation.


How does the Fiverr Affiliate Program Work?

Let’s start with the positives. The Fiverr affiliate program is great because every link contains a tracking cookie that lasts for a year. You will receive a commission for any orders placed within 12 months after someone clicks on your link.

You will receive $5 (20% of each purchase) for each referral that makes a completed purchase. You may add a total of $500 to your shipping balance.

Even if your friend received additional invitations, you would only benefit if the referrer signed up using your link. Creating an account using someone else’s connections won’t amuse you.

Also, remember that the platform only pays you a commission on orders placed by first-time customers (FTBs). Even though they have never purchased on Fiverr, FTBs are not individuals who already have an account there. 


The Fiverr referral program is a temporary structure. This program may at any time be banned by Fiverr. The terms and conditions might be changed excessively.

That’s how it works. So now it’s time to stop your friends from wasting their time. You must inform them of such a worthwhile opportunity. To start, you should lend a hand so they can get orders. So that they can create their businesses like you, invite them!





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