6 Top Secret Tricks on How to be Successful on Fiverr

If you are wondering in the search for how to do well on Fiverr or how to get clients on Fiverr? 

Don’t be disappointed; here, we will give you the best 6 Fiverr ideas to increase your sales.

It is so easy to feel lost on this platform. There are thousands of gigs in your direct contest, and standing out from them may seem impractical. You are disappointed and probably frustrated because you are not getting orders on Fiverr after spending your most precious time on it.
We will guide you on how to get your first order on Fiverr. Once you get over this first bounce, you will start to receive more and more orders from repeat clients & new ones. Maybe sooner or later, you will get your job permanently!
This will earn you more income you crave. Excitingly! Now let’s come; we will guide you on how to get your first order on Fiverr.

1. Select Unique Niche and Services

There are hundreds of niches in the broad category of Fiverr. You can not get into this vast marketplace with gigs like graphic designer, Pinterest manager, content writing, virtual assistant, etc. You need to provide a unique service that your competitors still do not offer. Through this, you will get the point of winning the competition. Competition always depends on competitors and the demand of the field, so when you provide a unique service, you are more likely to get your first order on Fiverr quickly.
If you are a new SEO content writer on Fiverr, search for a Seo content writer.
On Fiverr, this is what you see:

There are 14,074 services with 5-star ratings and hundreds of reviews, with pricing as low as $30. Just yet, you can not compete with them.
So, You need to make your services more unique to target your niche audience. You can do that formed on:

⦁ Industry of Your Audience
⦁ Search unique Category

Try to choose the subcategory in which you have good command. When you click the Category option, you can see the most searchable categories with several searches in the bracket.
These are subcategories available under Content writing. These are big numbers too, but much smaller than the main Category. Please select one of them and create your gig around it.

2. Promote your gig 

Social media is one of the best places to promote your gig. Sharing your gigs on social media will help you get your first order sooner because so many business owners are looking for new freelancers.
You will undoubtedly get many clicks and saves on your gig without any orders. The primary purpose is how you can get your first order; Fiverr allows you to share your gig links everywhere, but you should know how to do it beneficially.
There are some steps by which you can build awareness of your job.
⦁ Create a portfolio
⦁ Create business pages on different social media platforms.
⦁ Post your projects on a separate page
⦁ Join groups related to your niche
⦁ First, Build your social media page audience and then convert them into buyers

3. Tittle and Fiverr gig image size

Your gig title and thumbnail are the buyer’s first impression, so if you can make them eye-catching, you have the possibility of getting an order directly. But if your title and thumbnail are unrelated to your work/services, your gig doesn’t rank and get orders. In this case, you see the buyer’s requests and charges unrelated to your work, and then they will de-rank your gig.
The dimensions of the Fiverr gig image or thumbnail should be at least 370 pixels in height and 550 pixels in width. Recommended formats are JPEG, JPG, and PNG. But the perfect gig image for Fiverr is between 1280 x 769 pixels.
A professional gig title and thumbnail are essential to prove that you are a severe seller with more experience in this niche. Many sellers on Fiverr try to use stolen titles and thumbnails from other competitors, which causes them to ban their accounts. Mostly, it happens in the design fields. However, try to create your gig image and title without using any illegal stuff.

4. Gig tie-ups

One of the most innovative ways to get your gig first is to reach out to sellers already on the first rank. The first-rank sellers have a lot of business on their hands and struggle to complete them on time. If you reach out to them and try to convince them to release some of their workloads, you might be able to wind up your gig.
This procedure is called gig tie-ups.”
For example,

This seller has 16 orders; they may need any help.
But do not forget, this seller also sees you as a competitor. You may get an order, but most certainly not a review. Because reviews boost your gig and give you the chance of getting more orders, and your competitors don’t want that.
So try to reach out to sellers related to your services. But not those who are your direct competitors.

5. Create the maximum number of gigs

Every gig has a different niche to be seen by potential clients. When you create 4 or more 4 gigs, you have a better chance of getting the first order with one of them.
The main point is not to create the same gig 4 or 5 times. BIG NO! For that, create 4 gigs with little variations. For example, if you sell Pinterest management gigs, you can divide your gigs based on creating pins, affiliate marketing, or any other like this.

6. Fiverr SEO (Search engine optimization)

When your gig is registered first in the Fiverr algorithm, it tries to place it somewhere in the search results. Optimizing your gig tells the algorithm what your gig is all about and what you offer.
Try using the most researchable keywords in your gig title, description, etc. Good optimization lets you rank on search pages when you use the most researchable keywords in your gig. Once you make it, it will boost your gig in the search results, ensuring you get more orders than you can keep up with.


A single tip alone may not get you the first order on Fiverr, but a combination of good techniques will put you in a great place to get more chances of getting orders and a permanent job.
Remember: Use the most researchable keywords in your gig, eye-catching thumbnails, and videos.

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