What are Fiverr tags? & How you can use it in your gig?

One of the critical elements that will help your gig rank highly on the Fiverr search results page is using Fiverr tags. In this blog, I’m going to guide you on how you can search for tags and use tags in your gig.

What are the Fiverr search tags?

Search tags are keywords that clients use to locate the services they want on Fiverr. In Fiverr, search tags are a key strategy for increasing your gig’s visibility.

Your Gig title can fully convey to the buyer what you’re offering, you need more opportunities to specify your specialties.

Fiverr Search Tags Example

If you’re providing content writing services on Fiverr with expertise in the health niche. You might write the Gig title, I will write a Health Blog.” In this way, you may lose all those buyers looking for a content writer in other niches.

“I will write a content and the health blog,” these type of title you can’t write it’s too long and it create complexcity in your title.

Whereas the title allows you to briefly describe your services, tags enable you to go further.You must cover all of the article niches with Health as your specialty, just like in the example above. In that case, you could use “Health Blog” in the search tags and write your title as “I will write a content for you.”

How we can search the ideal tags for our gigs?

First, you have to find what popular search tags in your domain are. For example, you are a Content Writer. If you search content writer on Fiverr, you will find relevant tags like ‘content writer for website’, ‘content writer for SEO’ and ‘amazon affiliate content writer’ etc.

You can find the best tags by using Fiverr search engine. As you can see in the above image when we just ask for content writer services on Fiverr, the auto-complete suggests some related keywords that the buyers are frequently searching for;

We know that Fiverr allow us maximum Five tags. To beat your competitors, you must use those four tags that  frequently search by the buyers. However, the level of competition in your industry is also at an all-time high, so you must pick tags that could reduce that level of competition.

Do’s & Don’ts:Fiverr Search Tags 

  • Each Gig allows the seller to use a maximum of 5 tags.

  • Use tags wisely search for your domain.

  • It is not allowed to use duplicate terms or special characters.

  • It is acceptable to use both capital and lowercase letters as well as plural terms.

  • To understand their rules read the Fiverr Terms of Service.

Note: Using tags does not mean it rank your gig. For ranking your gig you must know the complex algorithm rules of Fiverr.

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